DV and Gun Violence: A Co-Existing Public Health Crisis

Webinar Recording - October 2022 Firearm violence and domestic violence are public health crises in the United States. In 2020,…

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Drawbacks of Codifying Coercive Control in Child Custody Cases

Webinar Recording - November 2022 Lisa A. Tucker presenting This webinar, presented by Professor Lisa A. Tucker, will consider the…

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Victim Centered Interviewing for Probation

Published by: James E. Henderson Jr., MSW In an attempt to enhance the safety of those victimized by offenders, probation…

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We See You: Supervising Stalking Offenders

Published by: James E. Henderson Jr., MSW Stalking is a pattern of behavior directed at a specific person that would…

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Critical Issues Forum: National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith and Credit

This is a recurring forum, every month 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Conversations for and by allied professionals on critical…

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OVW Grantee Firearms Webinar Series: Surrendering Firearms and Saving Lives Part 3/3

Published by: Dave Keck and Alicia Nichols In this third and final webinar in the series, Dave Keck and Alicia…

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