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When we look at the current landscape of gender-based violence, we see proof that the justice system isn’t always just.

And from there, we see solutions.

We are BWJP: a collective of national policy and practice centers at the intersection of gender-based violence and legal systems. If you’re looking for resources, training, consultations or research, then you’re in the right place.



BWJP is hosting our 2nd annual virtual 5K walk/run in honor of Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Wear Orange, or The National Gun Violence Awareness day is Friday, June 7, 2024 and will be acknowledged between June 7th-9th. Participants are encouraged to walk, run, or move in any way for the 5K wherever they feel most comfortable. The fantastic thing about this 5K is you can do it ANYWHERE! Walk/run in your neighborhood, engage in a yoga practice on the beach, or dance with friends in a park. We want you walk/run/move wherever you feel the safest and most comfortable. Because it is virtual, there will be no physical official race start and end points or times, but we encourage you to form a group to meet up with. Participants can track their progress throughout by using their phones, smartwatches, or other devices which can log distances.

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We see a better future for survivors, but we can't get there on our own

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