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When we look at the current landscape of gender-based violence, we see proof that the justice system isn’t always just.

And from there, we see solutions.

We are BWJP: a collective of national policy and practice centers at the intersection of gender-based violence and legal systems. If you’re looking for resources, training, consultations or research, then you’re in the right place.


Domestic Violence 101 Course

Domestic violence is a public health crisis.

At BWJP, we are working towards eradicating this crisis. 

Survivors often have loved ones who don’t understand what domestic violence is, or how to approach it, and sometimes, survivors don’t understand it either. This makes it challenging for loved ones who want to be supportive to show up in a way that the survivor needs, and/or for a survivor to communicate what those needs are.

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We see a better future for survivors, but we can't get there on our own

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