2024 BWJP Rising Stars – Sophie

As we recognize Women’s History Month, we are highlighting some of the Rising Stars of BWJP: members of our staff who are rising through the ranks and actively impacting the movement. These young women are continually striving for excellence and building on the legacy that our foremothers have built. 
BWJP staff members are sharing about their fellow staff to celebrate BWJP's future leaders. Today, we are highlighting Sophie Davis, Advocate and Administrative Specialist for the National Defense Center for Criminalized Survivors (the Defense Center).  

Sophie Davis is an advocate in the truest sense of the word. She brings her authentic self to every aspect of the work she does with the Defense Center at BWJP. Sophie undertakes her work with tremendous care and an intolerance for half-measures; she leaves every project she works on better than she finds it.  

Sophie the advocate: Sophie works with criminalized survivors every day in her work at BWJP. Sophie provides survivors with support, resources, compassion, and fierce, responsive advocacy. She also supports the Defense Center’s year-round correspondence with incarcerated survivors who reach out for assistance with their legal matters.  

Sophie the artist: Sophie creates the colorful, joyous holiday greetings that NDCCS sends incarcerated women around the country each year.   

Sophie the collaborator: Sophie is a thoughtful planner and a creative thinker. Her ability to organize and prioritize keeps the Defense Center on track.  

Sophie the indefatigable administrative powerhouse: Sophie manages the Defense Center’s databases of TA, contacts, and donors, and creates internal systems to track work and outreach. She edits grants, resources, and reports, and she supports BWJP’s work with the National Gender-Based Violence Learning Community.   

Sophie is from Brooklyn NY, where she currently resides amongst beloved family and friends. She shares a residence with a mellow cat called Gus, whom she met and befriended on the streets of West Philadelphia. Sophie has a degree in Photography from Bard College. She’s also a dancer, a birth doula, and a champion of healthful, healing practices for the mind and body.   

We are all so lucky to get to work with Sophie, and we’re excited to keep watching her make her mark on the world.  
written by Cindene Pezzell 

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