BWJP Congratulates the New Office of Family Violence Prevention and Services

BWJP is excited to congratulate the Biden Administration for the creation the Office of Family Violence Prevention and Services (OFVPS), under the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Formerly known as Family Violence Prevention & Service’s Act Program (FVPSA), the elevation of this Office will enhance the services for survivors of gender-based violence. 

“FVPSA has been a longtime supporter of the work of BWJP. We know first-hand what supports organizations and individuals who serve survivors of gender-based violence need to help survivors navigate legal systems,” says BWJP’s CEO Amy J. Sánchez. “We also congratulate the new Director of OFVPS, Shawndell Dawson who has been instrumental in BWJP’s growth.”  

“This is exciting for the gender-based violence movement because the spotlight on prevention and resources for survivors will be amplified through the elevation of OFVPS,” says Kenneth Noyes BWJP’s Director of the Gender-Based Violence Initiative, and former Senior Family Violence Prevention Specialist (2010-2016) at FVPSA. “As a former employee of the program, I am excited that family violence prevention is getting its proper due.”   

BWJP’s National Center on Legal Approaches to Prevent Family Violence and the National Defense Center for Criminalized Survivors are funded through OFVPS’s Domestic Violence Resource Network (DVRN).  


About BWJP

BWJP is the National non-profit leader at the intersection of gender-based violence (GBV) and the law. BWJP is organized as a dynamic collection of national policy and practice centers which provide support, education, best practice, and innovation to advocates, systems professionals, community leaders, and policy experts. BWJP works with jurisdictions across the country to improve access to systems while paying attention to not causing further harm and injustice to historically marginalized communities. BWJP will continue this critical work to inform and keep survivors safe while supporting thriving families and communities. Find out more about BWJP at

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