BWJP Featured on ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’ Show

BWJP is excited to be a part of Jon Stewart's new show 'The Problem with Jon Stewart'.  
In this new series only available on Apple TV, Jon Stewart brings together people impacted by different parts of a problem to discuss how we produce change. The BWJP Firearms team engaged in an interview for their most recent episode #4 on Guns: Shootings in America are an epidemic. Many agree that bad guys should not have guns, but how do we decide who the bad guys are? 

We discuss the relation of domestic violence and gun violence, and answer the questions What is the prevalence? What is working, what isn't working? And What can we do about it?In this episode, BWJP and other thought-leaders in the field of gender-based violence take on these questions and offer solid, actionable steps on how we can make change happen. 

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