CFFPP Releases New Report: “If I Had Money”

Children and teenagers need a variety of resources in order to thrive, grow, and later succeed as adults. They need the support and love of their parents and families, financial resources and economic stability, access to quality education, opportunities for employment, and avenues for contributing in other ways to their families and communities.

For young people transitioning to adulthood, the years from the late teens through early twenties are a crucial period for them to establish a foundation for economic security and stability—both for themselves as well as their families.

A solid foundation for family economic security is particularly important for young Black men in Mississippi, who struggle to establish themselves in communities and a state characterized by very high rates of unemployment, and potentially harmful involvement with legal and human-service systems.

To further investigate the economic security of Black children, teenagers, and their fathers in Mississippi, CFFPP and the Coalition for a Prosperous Mississippi conducted focus groups and listening sessions with Black men, women, and high school students. These discussions were held in several communities across Mississippi, from the Delta to the Gulf Coast, during the spring of 2014. Altogether, about 100 people shared their voices and perspectives. Several policy recommendations are suggested by the discussions we had across the state, all focused on making sure children have the support they need—as well as their parents and families.



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