Intimate Partner Violence: Help for Military-Related Victims Pocket Resource Card

This tool answers common questions asked by military-related victims and lists online and telephonic resources specific to military personnel, veterans,…

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Accounting for Risk and Danger Practice Checklists

Published by: Connie Sponsler-Garcia Ideally, identifying and documenting risk factors for serious or lethal intimate partner violence (IPV) should be…

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Increasing Your Safety: Full Faith and Credit for Protection Orders

This guide for survivors provides information on enforcing protection orders across jurisdictional lines pursuant to the full faith and credit…

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Representing Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Connected with the Military

Published by: Ellen Schell This handbook for civil attorneys provides legal and military policy information needed by civil attorneys representing…

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Practice Guides for Family Court Decision-Making in Domestic Abuse-Related Child Custody Matters

Published by: Loretta Frederick, Gabrielle Davis These practice guides are designed to improve decision-making by family court professionals involved in…

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Important Differences Between Civilian and Military Protection Orders

Published by: Sarah Henry This newsletter provides information on military protection orders and enforcement of orders issued by state, tribal,…

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