Protection Orders That Matter

Published by: David Keck, JD This webinar provides practical information for advocates, petitioners’ counsel, and the courts for approaching domestic…

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Promising Community Practices: The High At-Risk Team, Bristol County, Massachusetts

Published by: Courtney Cahill, JD The High At-Risk Team (HART) program of Bristol County, MA is an innovative community effort…

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Assessing Risk and Lethality for Parents and Children in Domestic Violence Cases

Published by: Rebecca Thomforde-Hauser and Janice M. Rosa Please join us for a webinar highlighting ways in which courts and…

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Should She Stay or Should She Go: Helping Domestic Violence Survivors with Interstate Cases

Published by: Deborah Goelman, Esq. and Amie Lewis, MA This webinar on basic interstate custody issues will provide participants with…

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Abuser Intervention Programs: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Headed?

Published by: Melissa Petrangelo Scaia, MPA and David Adams This webinar will focus on current practices and issues related to…

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Promising Strategies and Practices in Medical Forensic Compliance

Published by: Caroline Palmer and Jude Foster This webinar will outline the key components of medical forensic compliance and what…

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