Impact of Language Access and the Requirements of Title VI on Law Enforcement

Published by: Michael P. LaRiviere, Victim Services, Salem Police Department Federal law (Title VI) requires law enforcement to utilize qualified…

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Efficacy of Interventions with Victims

Published by: Paula McWhirter, PhD and Lauren B. Cattaneo, PhD Studies that explore child and adult development link a wide…

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Abusive Endings: Separation and Divorce Violence Against Women, a conversation with the authors

Published by: Walter S. DeKeseredy and Molly Dragiewicz The authors will discuss their recent book analyzing why and how men…

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New Research on the Intergenerational Transmission of Abuse

Published by: Megan Haselschwerdt, PhD and Kelly Knight, PhD The "cycle of violence" hypothesis is deeply engrained in the domestic…

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Drivers of Intimate Partner Violence in Three Refugee Camps

Published by: Karin Wachter, MEd Research in humanitarian settings has traditionally focused on the sexual violence women experience by armed…

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Talking Trash: Retaliation Against Victims of Sexually-Based Offenses Within the Military

Published by: Sarah Sykes, JD Retaliatory behavior toward military victims who report sexual assault and associated crimes is commonplace. Studies…

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