Intimate Partner Violence in a COVID-19 World

As we all strive to minimize the loss of life caused by COVID-19's spread around the globe, those of us in the intimate partner violence sphere are preparing for an increase in domestic violence, as well as an increase in the lethality of domestic violence amid the spike in firearm and ammunition sales in recent weeks. We are keenly aware that this is an even more difficult time for those who aren’t safe in their own homes. At BWJP, we continue our work to the best of our abilities. Though staff are working from home, our help line -- staffed between 12pm and 4pm CDT, Monday through Friday,   -- is still available, and can be reached at 800-903-0111, extension 1. As always, victims/survivors and professionals can reach us by phone or email ([email protected]). We are returning messages regularly during this time. If you are contacting BWJP regarding a pending legal case, be sure to contact your local court directly for information on your court’s current schedule and services. Every court is developing its own protocols  for handling cases during stay-at-home orders. Because practices are varying widely from county to county,  we strongly encourage you to connect with your local court as soon as possible about your case. If you need to file for a domestic violence protection order, or initiate a court case, we encourage you to contact your court directly and/or contact your local domestic violence program. If you need assistance identifying resources in your area,  contact BWJP at the number listed or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at (800) 799-SAFE (7233) or chat online at You can also text LOVEIS to 22522. You can reach Stronghearts Native Helpline at (844)-762-8483. has excellent support for survivors related to COVID-19 here. We at BWJP urge everyone to seek out safe connections in any way that you can during this trying time, and to follow the health advice of reputable institutions, such as the CDC. Stay healthy and safe.

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