Should She Stay or Should She Go: Helping Domestic Violence Survivors with Interstate Cases

Published by: Deborah Goelman, Esq. and Amie Lewis, MA This webinar on basic interstate custody issues will provide participants with…

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Mapping Gender: Shedding Empirical Light on Family Courts’ Treatment of Cases Involving Abuse and Alienation

Published by: Joan S. Meier What is really happening in the nation's family courts? This webinar discusses a national empirical…

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Advocacy for Protective Parents Facing Challenging Custody Litigation

Published by: Lundy Bancroft In this webinar, noted author and activist Lundy Bancroft (Why Does He Do That, The Batterer As…

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Battered Mothers and Child Support

Published by: Michelle Behl, Krista DelGallo In this webinar presenters outline both potential risks and benefits for survivors posed by…

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Parenting in the Context of Coercive Control

Published by: Loretta Frederick, Nancy Ver Steegh Recent years have seen a growing awareness that parenting in the context of…

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A Domestic Violence-Informed Approach to Child Custody Decision-Making

Published by: Loretta Frederick, Nancy Ver Steegh Notwithstanding an abundance of social science literature and persistent efforts to raise awareness…

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