Domestic Violence Arrest Policies

This written resource is an annotated comprehensive collection of U.S. jurisdictions’ domestic violence-related arrest statutes with jurisdiction-specific generalized domestic violence…

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Safety Envelope: NCPOFFC

 The National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith & Credit (NCPOFFC), a project of the Battered Women’s Justice Project…

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Coercive Control Codification Matrix

Updated through the 2023 state legislative sessions, this document is a compilation of state statutes that incorporate "coercive control" language…

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Firearms and Domestic Violence: State and Territorial Statutory Provisions

This matrix contains state and territorial firearm statutes as they relate to civil protection orders; criminal offenses, procedures, prohibited transferees;…

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Predominant Aggressor Arrest Statutes

This matrix is a compilation of all state statutory provisions that direct law enforcement officers to determine the predominant/primary/principal aggressor…

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Domestic Violence and Stalking Repeat Offenders – 18 USC 2265A

This is the federal statute for the crimes of domestic violence and stalking 18 USCS 2265A.

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