Increasing Your Safety: Full Faith and Credit for Protection Orders

This guide for survivors provides information on enforcing protection orders across jurisdictional lines pursuant to the full faith and credit…

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Islamic Marriage Contracts

Published by: Maha Alkhateeb This guide was developed as a resource for legal professionals and advocates working with Muslims, and…

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Domestic Violence Advocates and the Unauthorized Practice of Law

Published by: Kristine Lizdas, Sandra Tibbetts Murphy This document is intended for both volunteer and paid staff of nongovernmental domestic…

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Full Faith and Credit for Protection Orders: Advocate’s Guide

This pull-out pocket guide for law enforcement is a quick reference from the Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide to Enforcing Protection…

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Confidentiality: An Advocate’s Guide

Published by: Julie Kunce Field, Deb Goelman, Barbara Hart, Rebekah Lee, Sandra Tibbetts Murphy, Kim Tolhurst, Roberta Valente Confidentiality and…

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Violence Against Native Women: A Guide for Practitioner Action

This guide contains information on protection orders and Native American women and domestic and sexual violence. It provides specific information…

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