Engaging in a Best Practice Assessment of the Civil Protection Order System

This tool provides jurisdictions with an easy-to-use method for assessing their civil protection order system. The tool utilizes best practices…

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Mind the Gap: Accounting for Domestic Abuse in Child Custody Evaluations

Published by:  Ellen Pence, Gabrielle Davis, Denise Gamache, Cheryl Beardslee This report was part of a national child custody project…

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Islamic Marriage Contracts

Published by: Maha Alkhateeb This guide was developed as a resource for legal professionals and advocates working with Muslims, and…

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Parent Coordination Services: A Guide for Policy Makers

Published by: Barbara Hart, Esq. This guide is designed to assist policymakers, courts and attorneys in deliberations and decision-making on…

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Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence: A Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide

This guide for law enforcement provides guidance on the inter-jurisdictional enforcement of protection orders pursuant to the full faith and…

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A Prosecutor’s Guide to Full Faith and Credit For Protection Orders: Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence

This guide for prosecutors provides information on enforcement of protection orders pursuant to the full faith and credit provision of…

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