NCPOFFC Full Faith and Credit Matrix

Updated July 2022  This document is for informational purposes only. Nothing contained in this document is intended as legal advice…

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Coercive Control Codification Brief: A Guide for Advocates and Coalitions

There is an important conversation happening throughout the country. Advocates and survivors are actively debating whether and to what degree…

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Coercive Control Codification Matrix

Updated through the 2023 state legislative sessions, this document is a compilation of state statutes that incorporate "coercive control" language…

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Definition of Domestic Violence/Abuse for Civil Protection Orders

This matrix contains state statutes with the definition of domestic violence/abuse for obtaining a domestic violence civil protection order.

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Firearms and Domestic Violence: State and Territorial Statutory Provisions

This matrix contains state and territorial firearm statutes as they relate to civil protection orders; criminal offenses, procedures, prohibited transferees;…

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