Giffords Law & BWJP Discuss the Impact of Violence in our Communities

Giffords Law Center joins BWJP in an expert-led panel discussion on the impact of violence in all of our communities. In…

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The Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women – Helping DV Survivors with Interstate Cases

Should They Stay or Should They Go? The Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women speaks presents a webinar on…

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Implementing an Effective Firearms Relinquishment Protocol

Federal and state laws prohibit domestic abusers from owning and possessing firearms but many jurisdictions struggle to effectively develop, implement,…

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The Educational Fund to Prevent Gun Violence & BWJP Conversation on Gun Violence and DV

BWJP and EFSGV co-host a  thoughtful conversation on the intersection of guns and domestic violence through a public health lens. The…

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Conversation on the Intersection of Gun Violence and Domestic Violence

BWJP & The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence joins together to discuss the intersection of guns and domestic violence…

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Developing CCR Policies and Practices to Reduce Victim Intimidation

Sharing the experiences of St Louis County, MN, the presenters will prepare participants to identify, investigate, and locate where the…

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