Advanced Full Faith and Credit

Published by: Sarah Henry & Millicent Shaw Phipps Please join us for part two of the two part series on…

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Full Faith and Credit 101

Do you have questions about interjurisdictional enforcement of protection orders? Are you looking for information on the federal law pertaining…

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A SAFeR Approach to Considering Child-Related Relief in Orders for Protection

Published by: Gabrielle Davis Battered parents frequently struggle to secure statutorily permitted child-related relief in civil protection orders. This webinar…

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Removing Barriers for People with Disabilities Seeking Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Published by: Ashley Brompton Individuals who seek domestic violence restraining orders already face a system that puts obstacles in their…

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Assessing your Court’s Protection Order Process

Published by: Sarah Henry The Best Practice Assessment of the Civil Protection Order System is NCPOFFC’s free tool to assess…

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Recent Trends in Firearm Legislation and Case Law Update

Published by: Alla Lefkowitz The landscape around firearm laws is constantly shifting. If you want to know about recent legal changes,…

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