Advocate Lessons: How Law Enforcement Responds to and Investigates Domestic Violence Cases (Part 2: CCR Problem-Solving Series: The Role of Law Enforcement)

Published by: Mary Ingham and Chief Deputy David Hepperly

This second webinar in BWJP’s CCR Problem-Solving Series builds upon the initial discussion of law enforcement response and specifically explores the role and responsibilities of law enforcement in their initial response to domestic violence cases. Learn how officers understand, consider, and implement legal concepts such as mandatory/preferred arrest, predominant aggressor and self-defense. We will discuss how dual arrest might occur and how it poses difficulties for practitioners and serious challenges for victims. Beyond the initial response, our presenters will focus on the subsequent investigation of domestic violence cases, especially those more complex cases that may have a component of ongoing coercion or abuse such as stalking. The presenters will again consider the role of the advocate as it relates to the law enforcement response and will respond to the unique issues and challenges that can between police and advocates.

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