An Overview and Evaluation of Classifying Types of Intimate Partner Violence

Published by: Kimberly A. Crossman, Ph.D.

For more than the past decade, violence scholars have moved away from examining intimate partner violence as a “one size fits all” phenomenon toward examining its greater complexities. Johnson’s (2008) typology of domestic violence has played an integral role in expanding our understanding of intimate partner violence by shedding light on different patterns of violence and the contexts within which they occur. This webinar provides an introduction to and overview of Johnson’s typology, including a critical evaluation and discussion of how it can be applied in research and practice based on current research. It also discusses findings from a study that evaluates different methods for identifying coercive control and classifying the types of violence in research. The implications of study findings for future research and practice are shared.

Due to technical difficulties, closed captions are unfortunately not available for this webinar.

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