BWJP FY2023 Impact Report  

Dear Friends, 

Welcome to BWJP’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 annual report! In the last year, we have expanded our team and explored innovative ways to assist survivors of GBV and their communities. We are excited to share how our communities have supported us in creating a better reality for survivors in the legal system.

FY2023 saw significant growth and innovation at BWJP. We are proud to announce that our team has nearly doubled in size, enabling us to deepen our expertise and broaden our impact. Through this expansion, we have strengthened our National Centers, providing them with more resources and training to advocate effectively for survivors. This is evidenced by the increased engagement in our training programs. Over the past year, we have trained nearly 3,000 individuals to better address GBV in their communities.

We have also filled critical leadership positions, including appointing our first-ever General Counsel, Director of Operations, and Human Resources Manager. Their expertise and dedication will further fortify our organization as we navigate the complexities of legal systems.

In our commitment to supporting survivors, we have developed new resources to address the diverse challenges they face. For example, our National Legal Center on Children and Domestic Violence is pioneering efforts to address intimate partner violence within the child welfare system and child support enforcement. 

Our dedication to advancing knowledge in the GBV field is reflected in resources on topics such as Evidence of Battering and Defense of Duress, as well as an updated Summary of Key Cases Related to Firearms and Domestic Violence. Additionally, we are excited to introduce an updated Full Faith and Credit case matrix developed by the National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith and Credit. This case matrix will be a valuable tool in navigating complex legal processes.

This past year we launched a significant Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) project titled the Firearms Technical Assistance Project (FTAP). FTAP collaborates with 12 communities across the nation to support survivors by addressing gun violence in ways tailored to each community’s needs. Our comprehensive training and consultations focus on community building, promoting safety, supporting firearms surrender strategies, and fostering connectivity and synergy. We are committed to prioritizing survivor and community safety while guiding communities to create secure and thriving environments.

However, we are not on this journey alone. We are grateful to partner with remarkable organizations and funders who make our work possible. Our government partners, the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women and the Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Family Violence Prevention and Services, have been invaluable in supporting our impactful work. We have also welcomed new partners including the Allstate Foundation, the NFL Foundation, and the Hugh J. Andersen Foundation to advocate for gender equity and justice. Additionally, we have been fortunate to collaborate with Warner Brothers and the Morbid Podcast, and received substantial support from The Chicago Community Foundation, which all helps us reach broader audiences and initiate vital conversations.

Looking ahead to FY2024 and beyond, BWJP and our consortium partners will relaunch The Learning Community, our collaborative online learning platform where anyone can access resources and learn more about various aspects of GBV. Our Domestic Violence 101 course has already received positive feedback and is available for free for a limited time.

As we reflect on the past year, we are filled with hope and readiness for the future. We are committed to ensuring everyone can live safely and with dignity, free from GBV. Thank you for your unwavering support of BWJP and for being part of this journey in FY2023 and beyond.

In service, 

Amy J. Sánchez, CEO

Jason Engelhart, Board Chair 

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