Case File Review: What Do Sexual Assault Cases Look Like in Our Communities?

Published by: Jolene Engelking and Leah Lutz

Based on a toolkit that the Sexual Violence Justice Institute (SVJI) developed, this webinar will explain the process and framework for reviewing sexual assault case files as an evaluative measure for sexual assault response teams (SARTs). Case file review is a powerful way to identify strategies to better investigate and document sexual assault cases.  It is also an excellent strategy to evaluate current policies and practices of SART agencies. The presenters will explore the benefits and challenges to reviewing law enforcement files, including privacy and victim confidentiality concerns. This webinar addresses why multidisciplinary teams conduct case file review and will offer practical tips and tools to use case file review. Participants will learn how to create meaningful change to the sexual violence response in a way that is both victim centered and addresses offender accountability.

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