Debunking Domestic Violence Myths

Published by: Mary Ann Dutton, PhD

Intimate partner violence (IPV) and its concomitant elements of physical violence, sexual abuse, psychological abuse and coercive control can profoundly affect the lives of those exposed to it. How women respond to IPV has been the subject of analysis for several decades. The overall conclusion of much of that work was that the term, “battered woman syndrome” does not adequately capture the scientific and clinical knowledge of battering and its effects, a statement that is even more true today. This webinar will present a model of threat appraisal that addresses the legal requirement of self-defense in cases where an alleged IPV victim is charged in the death of an alleged abuser. The model of threat appraisal integrates cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience and clinical psychology and provides a framework for assessment of the elements that contribute to understanding threat appraisal or threat detection. Case examples will be provided.

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