Fatherhood, Gender Equality, and Violence Prevention: Examining Data and Exploring Possibilities for Practice & Paradigms

Published by: Juliana Carlson, A. M., Ph.D., Humberto Carolo, Ian DeGeer

In this webinar the presenters examine the intersection of fatherhood, gender equality and violence prevention. The presentation starts with the framework of primary prevention (stop violence before it starts) and its approach to ending gender-based violence, which predominantly is violence against women and girls by men. Recent primary prevention efforts seeking to end violence against women are increasingly working to engage men to promote gender equality through a variety of strategies. One strategy is fatherhood.

Using the findings from studies in the United States and Canada, the faculty discuss how men talk about their transition to fatherhood and how fathers talk about gender equality in relation to their parenting and partnering. The presenters discuss implications of these studies for engaging men and boys in ending gender-based violence and promoting gender equality. Lastly, the faculty shares specific applications and asks pertinent questions for practitioners and organizations as they work for gender equality and justice, through ending violence against women.