How Organizations Can Support Staff Who Are Survivors of GBV  

Supporting survivors of intimate partner violence in the workplace is crucial for their physical and emotional well-being. Providing them with resources and assistance can let them know they are not alone and promote healing and empowerment. 

We at BWJP genuinely believe that we have a moral obligation to support survivors in our work and those who help us do the work. Join us for this amazing conversation that could help transform the way your organization shows up for survivors. In this episode, we talk about strategies and approaches for organizations that want to make their workplace affirming and safe. We are joined by:

  • Amy J. Sanchez, CEO BWJP  
  • Maritza Valdez Fagin, Director of Operations
  • Anya Lynn-Alesker, Chief Counsel ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence  
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Join us for a conversation as we discuss important steps toward creating a safe work environment for all employees.