Offenders Who Flee the Scene – What Have We Learned?

Published by: Denise Eng, Bree Adams-Bill, Tara Patet

In the early 2000’s Dr. Ellen Pence knew the most dangerous domestic violence cases were typically those where the offender left the scene and avoided arrest. Often there was a serious pattern of abuse with few or no legal consequences. The St Paul Blueprint for Safety prioritized an aggressive system response to these cases, and now, five years later, the presenters look back. Are victims safer? Were injustices unintentionally created? What worked? What can we learn from St Paul so far? Denise Eng, Praxis Blueprint Program Manager and Bree Adams-Bill, St. Paul Blueprint Coordinator are joined by St. Paul City Prosecutor Tara Patet to discuss “Offenders Who Flee” cases and what we’ve learned.