S.A.F.E. Tool

The SAFE tool will assist survivors with evaluating if, when, how, and for what period they may want to request that an intimate partner who abused them be prohibited from use, possession, or ownership of firearm(s) and ammunition.

The S.A.F.E. Tool is an inventory of questions designed to facilitate a discussion with a survivor on safety strategies around firearms. When a survivor is concerned about threats of or actual firearms violence from an abusive partner, survivors and advocates can use this tool to evaluate if, when, how, and for what period they want the abusive partner to be prohibited from access to firearms. The information obtained from this Tool can assist survivors when creating a comprehensive personalized plan to improve their safety and the safety of their child(ren) by allowing them to incorporate their strategies around firearms. This Tool is not a lethality assessment tool nor should it be used as one.

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