SAFeR: Domestic Violence Informed Child Custody Decision Making Worksheet

Published by: Gabrielle Davis, Loretta Frederick, Nancy Ver Steegh

These worksheets assist the family court practitioner in easily and visually organizing and keeping track of what is being learned about abuse in a custody case, including its full nature and context, in order to ensure that the practitioner’s actions in the case are directly responsive to the actual implications of the abuse for the task at hand for this particular family. 

As a practitioner uses the Practice Guides for Family Court Decision-Making in Domestic Abuse-Related Child Custody Matters to systematically gather the requisite information about the abuse and its implications for any family court process or purpose, the practitioner can use these Worksheets to record, summarize, integrate and synthesize all the information gathered.  

Before using these worksheets, the practitioner must review this short (15 minute) tutorial with audio. It instructs the practitioner in the use of the worksheets, including their connections to the relevant Practice Guides.

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