Tort Suits & Financial Compensation for Domestic Violence Survivors: A Webinar for Attorneys

Published by: Amira Samuel

Often when the police are called for domestic violence, men who batter are arrested, convicted, and then likely sent to a batterers intervention program. What community support, programming, facilitation, and skills are needed to address men’s violence against women in a batterers intervention program? When men who batter are court ordered to group process, there needs to an analysis of key elements of abusive behavior and then a process to identify alternative beliefs and behaviors. The group process needs to be reflective and encourage critical thinking. This webinar will address the following: Who should facilitate BIPs and who maybe should not; Co-facilitation; Dialogue without judgment; Exposing contradictions; Facilitate men ‘reading their world’; Looking at beliefs, “skill” building, and use of role plays; How to facilitate accountability with men who batter; Collusion.

Materials are available for download: Closed Captioning Transcript

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