Victim Safety and Offender Accountability: The Intimate Partner Violence Interventions

Published by: Rachel Teicher

Intimate partner violence is often thought of as fundamentally different from other types of violence, but a considerable body of evidence shows that the gravest IPV with respect to the most vulnerable victims tends to be driven by “chronic” offenders who commit a wide variety of crimes at relatively high rates. Research also demonstrates that IPV offenders who do not fit this profile can be deterred by relatively low-level sanctions. The Intimate Partner Violence Intervention (IPVI) aims to create meaningful deterrence for the most chronic and dangerous offenders, while promoting safety for victims. First piloted in High Point, NC, this offender-focused approach has shown promising results in reducing IPV homicides and serious violence as well as repeat offending. This webinar will focus on the strategy’s evidence-based approach to reducing serious IPV through strategic law enforcement, community-based informal social control, and victim-centered advocacy and social service provision as well as key operational elements for successful implementation.

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