What Advocates Need to Know About Law Enforcement’s Role (Part 1: CCR Problem-Solving Series: The Role of Law Enforcement)

Published by: Mary Ingham and Chief Deputy David Hepperly

Law enforcement plays a critical role in the current legal system response to domestic violence. As first responders to calls of domestic violence, much of the system’s ability to keep victims safe and hold offenders accountable relies upon the initial response and investigations done by law enforcement officers. Advocates with detailed knowledge of the daily work of police officers can provide valuable information to victims of crime. Join BWJP for a discussion with experienced advocate and executive director, Mary Ingham (Mason City, IA), and Chief Deputy David Hepperly from the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office (Iowa) on the role of law enforcement in the response to intimate partner violence crimes.

The presenters will: discuss the building blocks of a good relationship between law enforcement and advocacy, illuminate the vocabulary and jargon commonly used by police officers, discuss police culture, and share how police implement their many directives. In addition, our presenters will highlight common challenges and solutions involving information-sharing that occur between advocates and police and also give helpful suggestions for building and maintaining the vital relationships between these critical first responders to gender-based violence.

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