White House Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality

BWJP embraces the White House National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality, as well as the anticipated U.S. National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence.

We commend the Biden Administration for identifying ten strategic priorities to promote Gender
Equity and Equality. We believe that the priorities and commitments outlined in the White House’s
National Strategy provide the necessary leadership to advance the work that must be done to
effectively address gender-based violence. Our mission focuses on the elimination of genderbased
violence, as well as promoting gender equity and fairness in the criminal justice, and
other systems. Our work to date and our areas of expertise closely aligns with the corresponding
commitments identified within several of the Strategic Priorities.

In this resource we offer input on two of the Administration’s Strategic Priorities: Eliminating Gender-Based Violence and Promoting Gender Equity and Fairness in Justice [sic] Systems. We are wholly committed to supporting this Administration in advancing gender equity and equality for all, but especially those individuals and communities that have been under-served and stymied by systemic barriers within justice, social and educational systems.

Download WhiteHouseStrategy_Response.pdf