Statement from NRCDVF on Presidential Nominee for Director of ATF

To: Steve Dettelbach,

Presidential Nominee for Director of ATF

            Mr. Dettelbach,

Congratulations on your nomination for Director of ATF. BWJP and the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence and Firearms, applaud your recommendation and are optimistic about your confirmation.

            We believe that now is the time for a closer look at the implementation of existing firearms prohibitions for domestic abusers across the country.  These prohibitions have been proven to reduce the instance of intimate partner homicide.  We believe that the federal prohibitions have tremendous potential to reduce gun deaths of all kinds, including suicide.

            We hope to work with your office in the future, particularly around the implementation of the 2022 VAWA Reauthorization Act, Title XI.  We are prepared to provide any assistance your office may have in policy development as it pertains to survivors of gender-based violence involving guns.

            Thank you,

David W. Keck

Project Director, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence and Firearms

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