Transgender Sexual Violence Survivors: A Self-Help Guide to Healing and Understanding

Transgender survivors of sexual assault - who make up approximately half of the trans community - face unique healing issues. To help meet those unique needs, FORGE is announcing the publication of "Transgender Sexual Violence Survivors: A Self-Help Guide to Healing and Understanding," which is available now. This 132-page document is densely packed with information specifically for transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender non-binary survivors of sexual violence. In a reader-friendly format, the guide covers substantial territory, presenting readers with core information about the impact of trauma and its aftermath, as well as providing resource information on options for healing, and self-help techniques on a wide range of topics that often affect survivors. A section of the guide is devoted to the unique intersections that trans survivors face which often lead to challenges in accessing services and delays in healing. Three appendices provide information 1. For trans people who have just been assaulted; 2. Tools for assessing if your current relationship might be abusive, and 3. new federal non-discrimination protections for trans people.  


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