2024 BWJP Rising Stars – Victoria

As we recognize Women’s History Month, we are highlighting some of the Rising Stars of BWJP: members of our staff who are rising through the ranks and actively impacting the movement. These young women are continually striving for excellence and building on the legacy that our foremothers have built. 
BWJP staff members are sharing about their fellow staff to celebrate BWJP's future leaders. Today, we are highlighting Victoria Taylor, BWJP's Senior Communications Manager. 

Victoria Taylor is an experienced communications professional with over a decade of sharing her gift with the non-profit sector. Victoria has led various aspects of communications such as graphic design, branding, website development, advertising, social media and media/public relations. As a survivor of domestic violence, Victoria is personally and professionally tied to the mission of BWJP, and this is evident in her daily leadership and work in communications.  
Victoria’s impact at BWJP was immediate. Within her first six months here, she led an organizational re-branding project, created a social media presence, and developed the infrastructure for impactful media relations. She has led the organization’s communications with a strategic and futuristic approach. Finally, she has stretched our organization to think bigger and broader about survivorship, families, and healing. Victoria motivates us all to listen carefully to survivors' stories so that we do better.    
Starting again can be a long road filled with successes and triggers from abuse. Slowly, Victoria began to heal while embracing the reality that the process lasts a lifetime. With this realization, Victoria set out to use her professional experience and technical knowledge to support a non-profit with a mission to support and empower survivors of gender-based violence. In Victoria’s words, “…which is how I found BWJP and BWJP found me.” 

We all thank Victoria for her leadership. When interviewed for this recognition article, Victoria (as to be expected) ended by thinking about and supporting survivors. So, in Victoria’s own words… 
"Everyone says it, but, trust your gut, always. If you feel something might be wrong, lean into it, do all of the research as safely as you can – read books, articles, join private Facebook groups, talk to people, and listen to their stories. You will hear your own experience in their stories and it will empower you to make small steps toward freedom. Start with this list." 
written by our CEO, Amy J. Sánchez 

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