Bureau of Justice Statistics Releases Police Response to Domestic Violence, 2006 to 2015

The  Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) recently released Police Response to Domestic Violence, 2006-2015. This report presents 2006-2015 data on:

  • Nonfatal domestic violence victimizations reported to police
  • Police response to these victimizations
  • Prevalence of related arrests or charges
  • Criminal complaints signed against the offender.

The BJS collected data from the National Crime Victimization Survey, which obtained victims' descriptions of police actions during their initial response to a reported crime and any follow-up contact with the victim. According to the report, between 2006 and 2015, police were notified in 56% of the 1.3 million nonfatal domestic violence cases that occurred each year. These incidents were committed by intimate partners, immediate family members, or other relatives.

To download a summary of the report, click here. To download the full report, click here.


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