Sexually Explicit Media and Communication: Selected Research Findings and Practice Implications

Published by: Jeff R. Temple, PhD , Emily F. Rothman, ScD Dr. Temple will discuss sexting (a combination of the…

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Military Sexual Trauma: Survivors & VA Disability Benefits

Published by: Ronald B. Abrams, Esq., Tiffany P. Kelley, Esq. The Department of Defense estimates that the vast majority of…

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Have Laws Against Domestic Violence Increased the Criminalization of Girls?

Published by: Francine Sherman Every day in the U.S., abused and traumatized girls enter and are pushed through the justice…

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Integrated DV Courts, Dedicated DV Courts: Vision, Reality, Research

Published by: Hon. Matthew D’Emic , Hon. Michael Denton , Hon. Daniel Angiolillo (Ret.), Amanda Cissner, M.A. This webinar reports…

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The Beginning and End of Rape, Part 1

Published by: Sarah Deer This webinar will expose participants to the research and statistics establishing the widespread, entrenched crisis of violence against…

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The Beginning and End of Rape, Part 2

Published by: Sarah Deer The second part of the series explores contemporary issues experienced by Native women, including sex trafficking…

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