National Census of Victim Service Providers

RAND, the National Center for Victims of Crime, and survey firm NORC are conducting the NCVSP, a census of victim service providers that is the first phase of a new BJS victim services research program. We need the help of every victim service program to participate in this census, which will, for the first time, provide a clear picture of:

  • How many victim service programs exist
  • What type of programs they are (criminal justice agencies, community nonprofits, campuses, tribes, etc.)
  • The types of victims the programs serve
  • The types of services the programs offer
  • And basic information about the size and funding of victim service providers

Sign up for one of the national Webinars to learn more about the NCVSP:

September 28, 4 pm EST                                           REGISTER NOW 

                    October 13, 4 pm EST                                             REGISTER NOW                    


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