Child-Related Relief in Orders for Protection

Funding for this project was made available through the US Department of Health and Human Services, Grant #90EVO44O

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Custody Flow Chart

Published by: Tamara Kuennen This child custody flow chart assists practitioners in determining which court has initial jurisdiction to determine…

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Guardians at Litem – A SAFeR Approach to Enhancing Domestic Violence Practice

The webinar series is supported by grant no. 2020-TA-AX-K012 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of…

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SAFeR: An Approach That is Right for the Moment

In our grant report, we emphasize the importance of BWJP's SAFeR approach to our current moment. As we face increasing…

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SAFeR Mediation Discussion Guide

The SAFeR Mediation Discussion Guide is designed to help survivors, advocates, attorneys, mediators, judges, and others talk about whether a…

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Accounting for Abuse in Orders of Protection

This protection order guide is designed to help survivors, advocates, attorneys, and judges consider the range of behaviors the respondent has…

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