SAFeR Approach to Decision Making in Domestic Related Child Custody Disputes

SAFeR can be used by anyone, including parties, in any family court proceeding. SAFeR consists of the following four parts:…

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Intimate Partner Violence Screening Guide

Published by: Gabrielle Davis This initial domestic abuse screening guide is designed to help you identify domestic abuse and coercive…

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SAFeR: Domestic Violence Informed Child Custody Decision Making Worksheet

Published by: Gabrielle Davis, Loretta Frederick, Nancy Ver Steegh These worksheets assist the family court practitioner in easily and visually…

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SAFeR: All Worksheets

Color-coded worksheets help pinpoint relevant IPV- related information for each element of SAFeR. A SAFeR icon appears at the top…

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Accounting for Risk and Danger Practice Checklists

Published by: Connie Sponsler-Garcia Ideally, identifying and documenting risk factors for serious or lethal intimate partner violence (IPV) should be…

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Representing Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Connected with the Military

Published by: Ellen Schell This handbook for civil attorneys provides legal and military policy information needed by civil attorneys representing…

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