Nonconsensual Pornography: Circulating Sexual Violence Online

Published by: Amber Morczek In this webinar, the presenter defines nonconsensual pornography (often referred to as 'revenge porn'), how it…

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What Advocates Should Know About Gender-Based Violence on Campus

Published by: Anton Tripolskii This webinar introduces advocates to the evolution of campus-based responses to sexual violence, stalking, and intimate…

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What Criminal Justice Professionals Should Know About Campus Disciplinary Processes

Published by: Anton Tripolskii This webinar compares the way in which gender-based violence is addressed on campus with the criminal…

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Building LGBTQ Responses Within the Austin, Texas Police Department

Published by: Greg Abbink, Michael Crumrine Law enforcement's response to intimate partner violence and sexual assault within LGBTQ communities is…

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Responding to Rape Denial: A Talk with Jody Raphael

Published by: Jody Raphael Jody Raphael discusses the distortion of rape statistics, attacks from feminists and conservatives, and the question…

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When the Victim is Arrested: Seeking a Just Response

Published by: Quetita Cavero, Mary Ingham, Cindene Pezzell, Sandra Tibbetts Murphy In this webinar the presenters discuss victims of ongoing coercive…

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