Probation Interviews with Victims of Battering: Building a Foundation for Current and Future Safety

Published by: James E. Henderson Jr., MSW, Jane Sadusky The approach to probation interviews with victims of battering presented in…

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Triage Review Assessment

Begun in January 2006, Denver’s Triage Project involves a collaborative, multidisciplinary team that seeks to identify and assess risk factors…

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How are DV Offenders Held Accountable in Knoxville and Knox County Justice System Interventions?

Published by: Rhonda Martinson Knoxville and Knox County, Tennessee have a long and rich history of coordinating and organizing their…

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Lethality Assessment Program for First Responders

Published by: Dave Sargent, Edited by Stephanie Avalon The Lethality Assessment Program or LAP, is based on the research of…

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