Talking with Survivors about Privacy, Releases and Choices

Published by: Alicia Aiken, JD “Sign at the x, then we’ll get working” is the most common approach to discussing…

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Police-Involved Domestic Violence

Published by: Leigh Goodmark, J.D., David R. Thomas, Dottie Davis Professor Goodmark discusses the findings of her investigation into law…

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Police Departments’ Use of the Lethality Assessment Program

Published by: Jacqueline Campbell, Jill Messing, Beverly Patchell Calling the police is one of the most commonly employed help seeking…

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Male Peer Support for Violence Against Women

Published by: Martin D. Schwartz, Ph.D., Walter S. DeKeseredy, Ph.D., Casey Gwinn, J.D. Drs. Schwartz and DeKeseredy review their theory…

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Children Who Experience Intimate Partner Femicide: Their Responses and Needs

Published by: Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell, Dorothy J. Lennig, BS, JD Since its creation in 2007, the Baltimore City Domestic Violence…

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Supporting the Supporters: Informal Networks Have a Role in Preventing Domestic Violence

Published by: Graham Barnes, Elena Esina This webinar explores the value of informal networks in victims’ and perpetrator’s lives. How…

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