Best Practices and Help Seeking Obstacles: Advocacy and Law Enforcement

Published by: Sherry Hamby, Ph.D. This webinar presents findings from a national study of domestic violence. Among other findings, an…

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Fatherhood, Gender Equality, and Violence Prevention: Examining Data and Exploring Possibilities for Practice & Paradigms

Published by: Juliana Carlson, A. M., Ph.D., Humberto Carolo, Ian DeGeer In this webinar the presenters examine the intersection of…

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Language Access at Crime Scenes: Improve Successful Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions

Published by:  Rocio Molina, Shelli Sonnenberg, Cannon Han This webinar addresses language access at crime scenes and how decisions law…

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Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative

Published by: Marty Sumner, Chief of Police The High Point Police Department in partnership with researchers, practitioners, prosecutors, and community…

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Veterans Treatment Courts and Domestic Violence

Published by: Hon. Michael Denton, Glenna Tinney, Brian Clubb As Veterans Treatment Courts (VTCs) continue to increase in number throughout…

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Bystander Intervention on Campus: Interpersonal Violence/Sexual Assault

Published by: Sherry Hamby, Robert Eckstein Bystander intervention is a promising innovation in violence prevention and research on its utility…

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