Bystander Intervention on Campus: Interpersonal Violence/Sexual Assault

Published by: Sherry Hamby, Robert Eckstein

Bystander intervention is a promising innovation in violence prevention and research on its utility in the context of many different forms of violence has increased over the past ten years. It is a promising approach to bullying reduction as well as for addressing sexual assault and relationship abuse. This webinar discusses what bystander intervention is including what research says about the potential importance of bystanders for violence prevention. Current patterns of bystander behavior from one large community sample are presented. These show that, among other findings, most violence is witnessed (except sexual assault) but responses vary and although many intervene fewer are perceived as helpful. Faculty provide examples of bystander prevention strategies and summarize some research about their effectiveness. Examples are drawn from research on bullying, campus sexual assault, and preventing child sexual abuse. Practitioner bystander intervention strategies are discussed.