Returning to Honor: Using Culturally-Based Teaching in Batterer’s Intervention Training

Published by: Jeremy NeVilles-Sorell The “Returning to Honor” project is based on the Native American concept of reciprocity. As Native…

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Utilization of Video Conference Software for Men’s BIPs: Experience, Research to date and Covid-19 Considerations

Published by: Melissa Scaia, Jon Heath In January of 2019, Melissa Scaia and Jon Heath coordinated with researchers to find…

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Understanding and Addressing Womens’ Use of Force in Intimate Relationships: A Retrospective

Published by: Lisa Young Larance, Leigh Goodmark This presentation provides an overview of the complexity of women’s use of force…

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Using Web-Based Technologies to Promote Safe Access to Protection Orders During Pandemics and Natural Disasters

Published by: LaJuan Epperson, Barbara Holmes, Jannet Okazaki, Kay Radwanski, Ruth Reichard During the COVID-19 pandemic, courts have been modifying…

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Victim Defendants and Covid-19

Published by: Cindene Pezzell, Esq. The COVID-19 pandemic has created increased risks and complications for survivors of intimate partner violence,…

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Responding to Domestic Violence-Related Homicides Within Your Community

Published by: Jessica Honish, Courtney Olson, Sara Krall Domestic violence programs are often called upon to react swiftly and adeptly…

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