Understanding and Responding to Adolescent Intra-Family Domestic Battery

Published by: Robin Hassler Thompson, Wendy Nussbaum This webinar explains the difference between Adolescent Domestic Battery and Intimate Partner Violence and the…

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Coercive Control: Practical Implications

Evan Stark, Ph.D. Over the last two decades, England, Ireland, France, Scotland, and a number of other countries and thousands…

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An Introduction to National Sources of Intimate Partner Violence Victimization Data

Published by: Lynn Addington, Kathleen Ferraro This webinar is designed as a descriptive and non-technical introduction to national sources of…

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Family Based Violence and Young Women: Unintended Consequences

Published by: Francine Sherman This webinar provides a particular focus on girls charged with any home-based assault (simple assault, domestic…

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Nuisance Ordinances: How They Work, Who They Harm, and How To Fight Them

Published by: Sandra Park, J.D.; Linda Morris, J.D. Nuisance ordinances – which impose civil and criminal penalties on residents for…

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What Advocates Need to Know about Batterer Intervention Programs

Published by: Stephanie Avalon, Graham Barnes In many communities, Victim Advocacy and Batterer Intervention Programs (BIP)have little interaction or even…

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