Process Matters: Procedural Justice and its Impact on How Systems Respond to Domestic Violence

Published by: Kate Wurmfeld This training will provide a framework for improving access to justice in domestic violence cases through…

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Assessing and Responding to Men who Pose High Risk to their Intimate Partners

Published by: David Adams Founded in 1977, Emerge has pioneered effective and culturally relevant abuser education strategies as well as…

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Credibility Issues for Survivors of Violence with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Histories

Published by: Rachel White Domain Survivors who experience mental health or substance use conditions may not be believed when they…

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Abuser Intervention Programs: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Headed?

Published by: Melissa Petrangelo Scaia, MPA and David Adams This webinar will focus on current practices and issues related to…

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Promising Strategies and Practices in Medical Forensic Compliance

Published by: Caroline Palmer and Jude Foster This webinar will outline the key components of medical forensic compliance and what…

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Current Research on Batterer Intervention Programs and Implications for Policy

Published by: Kathleen J. Ferraro, PhD Batterer intervention programs (BIPs) emerged in the United States in the late 1970s as…

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