Mandatory Reporting Laws in the United States: Impact on Victims of Intimate Partner Violence

Published by: Carol E. Jordan This webinar will address mandatory reporting laws across the nation as they apply to cases…

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Domestic Violence-Related Mass and Spree Killings

Dr. Websdale will define mass and spree killing and explain the differences between familicidal, felonious, and non-felony related forms of…

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Victim Safety and Offender Accountability: The Intimate Partner Violence Interventions

Published by: Rachel Teicher Intimate partner violence is often thought of as fundamentally different from other types of violence, but…

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Know More, Do More: Identifying and Responding to Stalking

Published by: Jennifer Landhuis Victims of stalking often report feeling discounted by the systems designed to assist them. Despite the…

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Serving Survivors of Domestic Violence Strangulation

Published by: Jill Rable MSN-Ed, RN, AFN-BC, SANE-A This webinar brings awareness to survivors, care providers and community professionals serving…

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We built a portal: How Multnomah County leveraged technology to better connect victims to the support they need

Published by: Denise Pena As offenders move through the criminal justice system, so do their victims. "It's not done just…

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